A Review of the High Performance Athletic Development Clinic

Athletic Lab in conjunction with UK based Proformance recently hosted the High Performance Athletic Development Clinic. The clinic brought together some of the top coaches in the world of sports performance and applied sports science. There were over 60 coaches in attendance including staff members from the Carolina Hurricanes, NC State, UNC, Duke, UNC, ECU, Clemson, Wake Forest, Ole Miss and more. The featured speaker was legendary Track & Field coach Boo Schexnayder who lectured attendees for over 7 hours over the 2 day clinic. Athletic Lab’s Dr. Mike Young and John Grace were also featured speakers. The other 7 speakers were also top notch and delivered outstanding presentations. Here’s a team summary from 3 attendees (Jamie Hershfang, Laurel Zimmermann, and Riley Rogers) all members of Athletic Lab’s Coaching & Applied Sport Science Mentorship Program. See the bottom of the post for information about the authors. Compatible and Complementary Training Design by Boo Schexnayder reviewed by Riley Rogers Boo Schexnayder presented on Compatible and Complementary Training Design, focusing specifically on the mesocycle. By shifting the design of the training program every 28 days, the athlete is given the ideal amount of time to adapt neuromuscularly. “The difference between a good athlete and a bad athlete is the nervous system,” he stated. Using this time frame, the athlete trains for three weeks and rests for one. He clarified that his concept of “rest days” are high intensity and low volume. As Schexnayder noted, “I can work hard because I rest hard,” meaning that rest is of value because it gives the athletes a chance to recharge in anticipation of the coming work weeks. There are a few mesocycle schemes that Schexnayder outlined: block scheme, rotational scheme, … Continue reading A Review of the High Performance Athletic Development Clinic