What is your early termination policy?2020-12-15T13:43:58-05:00

We understand that members sometimes leave early. That’s why our early termination policy is as fair and transparent as possible.
For our group training memberships, we require members to pay for the difference between the discounted monthly rate they have received as a result of their longer commitment and the rate of the next longest commitment term they have completed times the total number of months the member was with us. For example, if a member initially signed up for a 12 month contract at a rate of $150 / month but only stayed 7 months they would pay the difference between the rate they were paying ($150 / month) and the next longest term (6 month rate of $160 / month for a differential of $10 / month) for a total of 7 months ($70).

There are no refunds for punchcards once it has been used. Punch card sessions may be transferred to another individual upon request. All refunds for unused punch card sessions will include a processing fee. The processing fee is dependent on the type of punch card.

Why do punch card memberships expire?2020-12-15T13:10:09-05:00

The punch card memberships expire as an incentive for you to get better. Punchcards have expirations to ensure you are moving toward your goals. We work hard to produce results in our clients and athletes and we care about your success. This requires dedication and commitment on your part. We would rather not take your money than have you pay us and see no results. If you commit to our training plans you will find that you’ll achieve all your performance and fitness goals.

What are your hours?2020-12-15T12:16:21-05:00

It’s always best to check our schedule for the most up to date facility hours. If you would like to set up a tour of the facility or speak with one of our staff we can be reached at 919-617-1472.

What is your hold policy?2020-01-14T18:34:31-05:00

We permit account paid and complimentary medical holds to freeze your account. Paid holds are charged $5 per 7 day period for a maximum of 28 days ($20). Alternatively, complimentary medical holds are provided with a doctor’s note.

What are the age requirements for Performance Fitness classes?2019-07-19T08:31:51-04:00

Typically, we recommend individuals younger than 18 join our Scholastic Prep or Scholastic Sports Performance Training programs. For those who would rather join our Performance Fitness classes, we allow minors between the ages of 14 and 15 to attend limited Performance Fitness classes (Senza, Endurance, MoMo) as long as they’re accompanied by their parent in the attended class. Minors between the ages of 16 and 18 may attend all Performance Fitness classes unaccompanied with a previously signed consent (waiver) of a guardian. Our normal policies and prices for Performance Fitness classes apply. Specifically, memberships require successful completion of our Foundations course or proven ability to bypass the course.

What are the age ranges for Scholastic classes?2020-12-15T12:12:35-05:00

We offer two options for age-group athletes. Younger athletes who have completed 5th grade but not yet completed 8th grade may enroll in our Scholastic Prep program. Older athletes who have completed 8th grade but not yet entered college may enroll in our Scholastic Sports Performance program. We use these cut offs to ensure that athletes have the physical and social maturity to enter the program.

What is your private training cancellation policy?2019-04-27T13:14:24-04:00

Athletic Lab reserves the right to bill private training clients for a missed scheduled session that has not provided 24 hours advanced notice.

Do you only train elite athletes?2013-09-25T00:00:52-04:00

No. While we do provide special training for elite and emerging elite athletes we also train athletes and the general population. If you spend enough time at Athletic Lab you’re sure to meet elite and professional athletes from a variety of sports.

Why do you cost so much?2013-09-04T20:49:32-04:00

We are not a health club. We are a training facility with hands on coaching from world class coaches. The level of instruction and the individual attention means that we cannot compete with high-volume, low-quality for low prices. With that said though, Athletic Lab provides real results that are a true value for the price of the class.

I’m injured, should I still train?2013-09-04T20:48:55-04:00

In most cases, the answer is a resounding “yes.” One of the things we do best is develop training plans that fit for every circumstance and this includes cases of injury. Research and years of anecdotal evidence suggests that recovery and return to fitness will be significantly faster if you train safely and appropriately while recovering from the injury.

What should I expect in your CrossFit class?2013-09-25T00:02:03-04:00

One of the most common questions we receive via email or phone is what to expect from our CrossFit class. People are wondering whether it’s appropriate for an out-of-shape individual. Or someone with an injury. Or for non-athletes. The answer is that it’s perfect for all of the above. In our CrossFit classes, the goal is to train the everyday person, former-athletes, non-athletes and “weekend warrior” types to have fitness and functional capacity levels ordinarily reserved only for highly trained athletes. The class incorporates principles of Gymnastics, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Martial Arts, Military, and sport training in to one hybrid training protocol to allow the member to achieve higher levels of fitness than they ever have. All activities, exercises and loads are scaled so that everyone will be able to truly challenge themselves but workout safely regardless of the fitness level they enter the program with. Instruction on technique, rhythm, and method of execution is given throughout the session to ensure safety and quality of movement.

After only 2 weeks you’ll notice significant improvements in your fitness, body composition, and functional capacity. If you’re using the class as a means of training for another sport you’ll start to see performance gains right away as well. The class will challenge you physically and mentally but once you’ve had a taste you’ll keep coming back for more.

Do you use weight training for the Scholastic training class?2013-09-04T20:42:59-04:00

Yes. Research has proven that well-supervised strength training can be an integral component of not only injury prevention but also performance enhancement in developing athletes. Although myths persist that weight training will stunt growth and harm bones and joints there is no (NONE!) research to support this notion and there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that appropriately implemented strength training can help in motor development and athletic performance. As with all program planning, appropriate progressions which are age and developmentally appropriate will be employed to ensure that the training is both safe and effective.

Do you do sport-specific training?2013-09-04T20:42:33-04:00

Yes?.and no. If your sport requires speed, power, strength and agility then we do sport specific training. If you’re expecting “training for baseball catchers” or “specific exercises just for soccer defenders” then you might be a little disappointed. The fact is that anyone who sells you specific training for sport positions, and even to some extent specific sports, is selling you a bag of wind. Many of the super-specific exercises touted as “sport specific” are gimmicks more than effective training. This is especially true for developmental athletes. Athletes younger than 20 years old should train largely as generalists and progress to greater and greater sport specificity over time. This is what years of sport science research recommends and this is how we train our athletes.

How many days a week do you recommend training?