Athletic Lab Coaching Academy

Certified High Performance Coach Course in São Paulo, Brazil

Athletic Lab is known around the world for our evidence-based and field-proven training methods. These methods have been applied to general population clients through elite professional athletes. Over the years, we shared our methodology through conferences, workshops and on-site internships.

In 2019, we launched the Athletic Lab mentorship program to formalize our coaching education initiatives and bring our methodology to a wider audience. In 2021, this mentorship program became Athletic Lab Coaching Academy offering a Certified High Performance Coach (CHPC) education pathway. The 3 level CHPC pathway was designed with strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers and applied sport scientists in mind. Our goal is to share the “Athletic Lab Way” to help future leaders in the field of sports performance and fitness. In its short existence, the course has been taught around the world to hundreds of coaches including the staffs of multiple professional sports teams.

CHPC Level 1 in Taipei, Taiwan

The Athletic Lab Coaching Academy CHPC Level 1 course is the perfect introduction to our methodology. The course was designed as a launch pad to introduce coaches to the “Athletic Lab Way” and is now available in an online format. The CHPC Level 1 program provides coaches with a common ground so that they speak and understand the language of the field. Coaches will learn the fundamental sport sciences that our methods are based upon. The entire course is taught in a manner that can immediately be put into practice by coaches. The Level 1 course is beneficial for personal trainers, CrossFit coaches, Team fitness coaches and private sport performance coaches to learn the world-leading methods of Athletic Lab.

CHPC Level 2 in Lisbon, Portugal

The CHPC Level 2 is a 3 day in-person course. It was designed for coaches operating in sports performance and team training environments. The CHPC Level 2 course covers sports sciences in greater detail. Coaches will also learn advanced training concepts appropriate for high performing athletes. This phase also features over 5 hours of learn-by-doing workshops where coaches will learn how to coach and apply the classroom concepts in real world settings.

CHPC Level 3 at Athletic Lab

If you are a coach working or aspiring to work in a professional sport setting this one-of-a-kind 2 week Athletic Lab CHPC Level 3 course is for you. Our highest level of the CHPC education pathway is intended for coaches working or aspiring to work in high performance environments. This experience is unique on several fronts. The course is only provided on-site at Athletic Lab so that we can provide the greatest insight and access to our methodology. The CHPC Level 3 course is no clinic. It is a truly immersive learning opportunity that involves:

  • Participation in actual training sessions,
  • Social and networking opportunities with Athletic Lab and peer coaches,
  • Narrated observation of actual high performance / professional athlete training,
  • Peer and instructor-lead assessments of coaching, session management and academic content,
  • Academic learning of advanced sport science and training concepts by Athletic Lab and trusted guest coaches,
  • Hands-on sports technology workshops on topics such as velocity based training, use of force platforms, GPS analytics, tests and measures, and more!

Due to the immersive and lengthy format of our Level 3 CHPC course it is offered on a limited basis.