Open Gym Policies:

Athletic Lab is primarily a coach-driven training facility but we have allotted a limited number of Open Gym placements for members who are not interested in participating in our classes.

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Outside coaching and independent contractors are prohibited from providing instruction within Athletic Lab facilities
  • Group Classes and Private Training sessions always take priority with space and equipment
  • Open Gym participants must check themselves in at the check-in kiosks
  • Equipment must be treated with care and respect:
  • Return equipment to its proper place
  • Usage of kettlebells is prohibited on turfed areas
  • Open gym participants may be held liable for equipment and facility damage

Account Holds:

We understand that vacations, illnesses and unforeseen circumstances are part of life and that members may need to place their account on hold. Account holds ‘freeze’ and account so that it cannot be used but also forestalls renewals or recurring bills associated with the membership. Our account hold policy is as follows:

  • Maximum of 28 consecutive days
  • Pricing:
    • 1-7 days: $10
    • 8-14 days: $20
    • 15-21 days: $30
    • 22-28 days: $40
  • A doctor’s note with required amount of time off must be submitted for injury-related holds that are free of charge

Late Payment:

Athletic Lab reserves the right to charge late payment fees as follows:

  • All overdue bills are subject to a $25 late payment fee
  • Balances for services or goods that are not paid within 30 days may result in cancellation of the membership and all unpaid balances shall be immediately due and payable

Membership Cancellation:

We understand that sometimes members need to cancel their membership. To ensure that members are not abusing the discounts associated with our longer commitment memberships, we have a membership cancellation policy which is fair and balanced. It ensures members pay only for the services that they received at the rate associated with what the service they have received. A cancellation fee will be charged for early membership termination. The price difference must be met between the contractual membership and the membership matching the amount of time completed.

Private Training Evaluations:

Private training evaluations are available as a stand-alone session and are also recommended prior to beginning a training package. The policy for the initial evaluations are as follows:

  • Pricing: $95 due at time of session
  • If a membership is purchased, the $95 will be applied to the cost of the Private Training package

Session Cancellations:

  • A 24-hour cancellation is required for Private Training RSVPs.
  • The full price of the session may be charged if cancellations fall within a 24 hour window.

Safety & Liability Considerations:

  • Any individuals participating in group or team training sessions are expected to be fully attentive to the coach.
  • Earbuds, headsets and ear phones are not permitted during group or team training sessions.
  • Misbehaving, ‘horseplay’ and disrespect towards other members or staff will not be tolerated. First time offenses may result in removal from the session. Repeated violations will result in termination of membership and a ban from Athletic Lab.