Athletic Lab Internships

Athletic Lab is highly invested in coaching education. We aim to develop future leaders in the field of performance and sports science. Our primary avenues to achieve this are the Athletic Lab Coaching Academy and our on-site Coaching Mentorship (aka internship). With the mentorship, we equip individuals with the skills necessary to seamlessly transition into a high performance coaching or sport science role. To this end, the on-site mentorship is how we identify and train new individuals to join our team.

Our mentorship is recognized by the National Strength & Conditioning Association as an approved continuing education activity and graduates of the program can be found at the highest levels of Collegiate, Professional and National team sport, running private sector businesses, and working for some of the largest sports technology companies in the world.

The Athletic Lab internship program is highly competitive and will provide you with an opportunity to separate yourself from the pack. The following are just a handful of the benefits of the Athletic Lab internship program:

  • Mentor directly under Athletic Lab’s staff, including Dr. Mike Young.
  • Gain experience with a wide range of populations, from youth up to professional athletes, as well as general population fitness clients.  Over the course of the mentorship, interns will become progressively integrated into the training sessions, moving from shadowing to assisting to leading sessions.
  • Earn NSCA continuing education units.
  • Learn about training theory, program design, speed & power development, best practices of strength training, and various other topics by following the Certified High Performance Coach pathway from the Athletic Lab Coaching Academy. Interns have the option of taking the CHPC final exam and receiving credentialing.
  • Attend weekly professional development workshops where you will learn about training techniques, coaching skills, and how to use various sports science technology such as team GPS monitoring system, velocity based training technology system, isoinertial resistance devices, ultrasound body composition, and much more.
  • Establish yourself as a contributor to the field of sports science through blog writing, which is syndicated across multiple social media channels.
  • Earn references and referrals for positive experiences.

Our internship provides a mixture of education and experience of what it’s like to work in a High Performance environment. The following is a short description of the expectations for successful applicants to the Athletic Lab internship program:

  • Internships are unpaid.
  • Domestic and international applicants are welcome.
  • Prior experience in strength and conditioning, sports performance, sports science or a related field is preferred.
  • Current enrollment or recent completion of a degree in an accredited Sports Science academic program is preferred.
  • We offer full and part time options however preferential selection will be given to those who can commit fully.
  • Your time will be split between:
    • Training related experience in the form of shadowing and coaching assistance
    • Administrative and day-to-day operations (like client outreach, market assistance / research, facility maintenance, etc)
    • Professional development and education (attending seminars and workshops, completing assignments, writing blogs, etc)
  • We offer 2 tracks:
      1. Performance Coaching
      2. Applied Sports Science

    There is substantial overlap between the 2 tracks as we believe that the two career paths require many of the same skills.

Full TimePart Time
Commitment400 Hours200 Hours
Average weekly Commitment25 hours (Fall/Winter) / 30 hours (Summer)12 hours (Fall/Winter) / 16 hours (Summer)
Workshop & lecture accessFullLimited
Assignment accessFullLimited
Curriculum expectationFullPartial
Maintenance ObligationsFullPartial
NSCA CEUs upon completionUp to 4*No
Credentials upon completionCHPC L2CHPC L1 (additional fee)
Linkedin reference upon completionYesNo
Potential for paid work / honorariumYesNo

*2 NSCA CEUS granted for completion of the internship and an additional 2 NSCA CEUs granted for completion of the included CHPC L1 Certification.