Our Scholastic Prep program offers developmentally appropriate athletic development for youth athletes

Long Term Athletic Development

Youth athletes are not just miniature adults and shouldn’t be trained as if they are. To maximize both talent and engagement, youth athletes require training specifically catered to to their growth and developmental status.

The Athletic Lab Scholastic Prep program is a great choice to prepare youth athletes. We follow the research-based, best practices for Long Term Athlete Development. Our methodology in in use in many of the top sports academies around the world.

Athletes in this program will train in a format that is structured while still being engaging and fun. The program is designed to ensure young athletes (grades 6-8) are prepared to handle the rigors of High School Sports and training. Each 60 minute session incorporates general motor skills development, speed, agility, and strength in an age appropriate manner. Sessions are sold in 10 and 20 session packages.

10 Session Package

  • 1 Year Expiry
  • Speed, Agility & Movement Skills
  • 10% Discount on Single Drop-In
  • Long Term Athletic Development
  • $144.95 Total Cost

20 Session Package

  • 1 Year Expiry
  • Speed, Agility & Movement Skills
  • 20% Discount on Single Drop-In
  • 1 Year Expiry
  • $249.95 Total Cost