Research Grade Testing & Analysis

Athletic Lab has the experience and expertise for all your sports science needs. Our testing services are regularly employed by sports technology, equipment and nutrition companies. Athletic Lab collected data is regularly published in peer-reviewed research publications. We provide research grade results in a timely manner that you and associated 3rd parties can trust. Contact us with inquiries.

In addition to performance testing, we also provide research grade data collection and results on several key physiological indicators. Our physiological testing is trusted by research institutions as well as sports technology and nutrition companies around the world. Our most commonly performed tests fall under the following categories:

  • Force data testing (using a VALD force platform)
  • Biomarker and genetic testing (in partnership with InsideTracker)
  • Lactate testing (using Accutrend Plus)
  • Heart rate and HRV testing (using Polar heart rate monitors)
  • Body composition testing (using ultrasound from BodyMetrix)

Biomechanics is the study of human movement. In short, biomechanics is what most coaches and athletes refer to as technique. An Athletic Lab biomechanical analysis or consultation involves the systematic observation and introspective judgment of a given human movement with the purpose of providing the most appropriate intervention and advice for improved performance. In other words, Athletic Lab can make you more mechanically efficient at whatever you do, which will in turn lead to increased performance and decreased likelihood of injury.

Athletic Lab offers several levels of movement analysis to meet the specific needs of every budget and circumstance. We have the capacity to perform 3D motion analysis as well as collect kinetic data. Our services have been employed by national governing bodies and research institutions alike.

Our Sports Technology