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World Class team training experience

If your team is looking to Physically Dominate their competition, Athletic Lab is your only choice. We have a long history of supporting many of the top teams both locally and across the globe. Athletic Lab’s training methods have been proven at the Highest Level of Sport by athletes in every major professional sport as well as elite Olympic sport athletes. We provide evidence-based, field-proven training for age group, national and professional sports teams. Our team training services are available both on-site and remotely.

Take your team to the next level with our sports performance training services. Athletic Lab will help keep your team healthy and in peak condition. We offer in-season and off-season training programs for sports teams ranging from youth clubs and high schools through professional teams.

We offer sport specific training options and have worked with practically all sports including football, soccer, basketball, ice hockey, field hockey, and swimming. Athletic Lab provides short and long-term training programs designed to maximize performance and minimize the likelihood of injury. In addition to sports performance training, we also offer applied sports science services including performance testing, load monitoring, wellness assessments, and GPS and heart rate tracking.

Athletic Lab takes a holistic approach to training that addresses all aspects of physical performance associated with success in a given team’s sport. Our evidence-based and field-proven approach has built some of the most resilient and physically dominant teams in the world of sports.

professionalBut team training with Athletic Lab is so much more than getting faster, fitter and stronger. Teams that train with Athletic Lab see:

  • Improved team unity and camaraderie
  • Improved strength, speed and power
  • More efficient movement
  • Reduced injury rates
  • Increased confidence

Our world class facility and expert staff are uniquely positioned to provide a team training experience like no other.

Athletic Lab boasts one of the largest facilities of its kind in the world. The open-plan facility layout and quantity of strength training equipment allow us to train large groups without compromising safety or experience. Our open turf and sprint track allow us to train speed, power and agility. Our strength and conditioning area features over 30 self-contained training stations. Each station is equipped with everything an athlete needs to develop strength and power. At Athletic Lab, athletes will never have to wait for a piece of equipment, be crammed into tight spaces, or be forced to compromise their training because of facility or equipment limitations.

Athletic Lab coaches are all experts in the field of sport performance. They will ensure that training is both effective and safe. Furthermore, our coaches have extensive experience working in team environments where leadership, group management and motivational skills are put to the test.

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